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Painting your home is exciting but choosing the correct colours, products, and house painters while ensuring your family’s safety can be a huge task. That’s where we come in with our aim- to make home painting a safe and great experience! With Hakimi Paints Safe Painting services, re-imagine your home interiors as a huge canvas that you can choose to house paint and make it look the way you want without worrying about your family’s safety.

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Step 1 Schedule an appointment
You can fill the form online and provide all the necessary details, following which, you will receive a call from our Customer Care Executive to schedule an appointment for our hakimi Paints Safe Painting Service.
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Step 2 Site Evaluation & Product Consultation
Our Hakimi Paints Safe Painting Service associate will visit the site for evaluation wearing the PPE kit to ensure complete safety and while following the social distancing norm. On proper inspection, the Associate will then provide consultation on the products that could be used depending on the surface to be painted, and accordingly offer a rough estimate for the same.
Step 3 Selection Of The Colour & Site Preparation
Hakimi Paints Safe Painting Service offers a curated selection of our favourite safe paint colours for you to choose from. On finalising the colour, we then prepare the site. Our painters’ first step will be to lay plastic over the floors and furniture in the required space. 
Step4 Work Start Day
Our panel of trained contractors and painters will begin work once the estimate is agreed upon. Our painters are trained to ensure that the application procedures of safe painting are followed strictly which includes complete home disinfection using an advanced surface sanitizer before starting work and on completion. They are also trained in textured and specialty paint finishes. 
Step 5 Site Execution
Our Hakimi Paints Safe Painting Service associates will be using tools for superior paint finish such as mechanized painting tools, scientific site evaluation through moisture meters, accurate measurement through laser-based digital distance meters to avoid direct contact, covering and masking of furniture through masking films to help keep the area and furniture clean, express and superior sanding through electric sanders to speed up the process, dust extraction through vacuum cleaners to maintain hygiene, and faster and superior painting services through Telescopic roller. 

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